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Autor Hobohm, Hans-Christoph [ Fachhochschule Potsdam : Fachbereich Informationswissenschaften, Potsdam, DE ]
Titel Service science as a transdisciplinary model for information science
Dokumenttyp Konferenzbeitrag / Englisch
Bezug Entspricht inhaltlich, aber nicht formal: F. Pehar, C. Schlögl, C. Wolff (Hrsg.): Re:inventing Information Science in the Networked Society. Proceedings of the 14th International Symposium on Information Science (ISI 2015), Zadar, Croatia, 19th - 21st May 2015. Glückstadt: Verlag Werner Hülsbusch, 2015, - 596 S., S. 66-80. - (Schriften zur Informationswissenschaft. 66), ISBN 978-3-86488-081-0, ISSN 0938-8710
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Deskriptoren Informationswissenschaft; Informationsdienst; Dienstleistung; Bewertung; Management; Modell; Interdisziplinär; Ausbildung Informationswissenschaft; Lehrplan; Informationskompetenz; Informationsmanagement
Abstract Service science is a relatively new concept that wants to educate future "service experts" in as comprehensive a way as possible. The nature of services means that this concept must take as transdisciplinary an approach as possible. The nature of information science means that the concept seems to have something to do with that discipline. The following paper will demonstrate how information science can contribute to a service science. It will present relevant study content and programmes on offer in Germany and abroad and will use this as a basis from which to call for a transdisciplinary positioning of information-science disciplines in the future. The "new" discipline of service science has also experienced a boom that resembles, albeit in a shorter timeframe, information science. (Autor)
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